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What is the Digital Villain Network? It's a collection of online e-commerce and content sites owned, operated & curated by Digital Villain Studios.


Welcome to Bluskull - a brand new smashing ecommerce site
where you can find the most popular luxury fragrances
at the sweetest prices.

Owned + operated by us here at Digital Villain Studios, LLC


Pretty Gadgets

Featuring the most beautiful gadgets in the world.

If you're looking at this site, we're pretty sure you have at least one pretty gadget lying around.
Here, with daily updates, our online gadget magazine features today's and tomorrow's devices

- the kind we'll all be using in our daily lives.

Pretty Gadgets


One song a day. It's that simple. 

Each day, a new song is featured.

Some by artists you recognize, some by artists ready to break through. If you like discovering new music, this is the destination for you.


Who doesn’t like looking at pictures?

Each day, every day, a new photo will be uploaded.
Some will be taken with high-end gear, some with a handy point-and-shoot, and others with a trusty camera phone.



Your Full Database of All Technology News


Are you a tech news junkie? We are. We hear you. We track down the best, most interesting technology articles
from across the web.

News, reviews and insights - in one destination.

Shark vs. Zombie

Enjoy our original independently produced videos and curated content on movies, books, gear + pop culture.

Comic books, sci-fi, indie rock and roll: they go great together.
Here we set up a curated blog where we feature insights and findings on pop culture. We also post links to cool gear and collectibles.


Online Shopping Destination for Running Gear, Sports Clothing, and Accessories

Getting ready for you marathon, half-marathon, or jog around the park?
Find all your running threads and equipment here.